• Image of Red Room Series
  • Image of Red Room Series
  • Image of Red Room Series

Two Twin Peaks inspired pins!

• The Great Went •

Inspired by a favorite scene from one of the greatest and most puzzling mysteries ever told. A bit of comic relief in the midst of a dark and twisted story.

- Black nickel, hard enamel, & screen printed enamel lettering
- 1.5" diameter w/ rubber clutch backs

• Diane? •

A Magritte inspired tribute to everyone's favorite foul mouthed, wig wearing agent. In the Twin Peaks return season, Laura Dern stole the show with her interpretation of the oft mentioned but never seen assistant from the original series. This pin captures a specific and important moment from her story.

- Brass metal & soft enamel
- Orb in center rounded & slightly 3D raised
- 1.5" square w/ rubber clutch backs

Through the darkness of future's past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... "Fire... walk with me."